Bio Sketch

From its chairman's native language has been chosen the Dutch SLIM , whose equivalent in English is SMART, in order to give brilliant and fast solutions.

SLIM encourages the evolution and change, providing visible and manageable ideas and solutions through a string which links the individual to the infinite.

Statistical Learning and Information Management through the implementation of modern ICT technologies that contribute to define new directions of research and development in the quantitative field supporting strategic and operative decision-making processes.


SLIM s.r.l. was born to answer the needs for quantitative knowledge from different kind of business and to fill the gap in distance between statistics and information management, thanks to modern ICT technologies, through statistical analysis and monitoring activities.


SLIM s.r.l. offers services and consulting, market research, opinion polls, surveys, professional training, through innovative and custom-made solutions in the field of statistical data processing and management.


SLIM s.r.l. is made up of a qualified group of professionals and researchers, with an interdisciplinary background, in order to act concretely and dynamically in the evaluation and decision processes, in the organization and management of corporate systems and social-economic complex systems.
SLIM s.r.l. adopts the quality principles and draws inspiration from the methodologies of research promoting professional update and a steady attention to the changing processes and to a new activity of knowledge and information.


SLIM means perceiving and satisfying its customer's needs following an interdisciplinary approach in order to provide solutions that are: INNOVATIVE because they are based on a new activity of research and information that tends to reduce the temporal gap between theory and practice.

EFFECTIVE because they can be adapted to the different operational and strategic needs at different decision-making levels.


slimICT combines the acronym for Statistical Learning and Information Management to the field in which it operates: Information and Communication Technology.

SLIM draws inspiration from the new scientific statistical paradigm based on statistical learning and information management through data analysis and thanks to the support from modern ICT technologies.